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        Mom’s Kiss and Tell                                    We are Sharing the LOVE!

We rely on each other to share our best finds.  Read mom reviews and feel confident that Dr. Stacy’s advice and product recommendations at HealthyKisses.com are perfect for your family.  Please share the love!  Kiss and tell everyone you love!  Give a gift that will last a lifetime… a healthy, confident smile!

“Dr. Stacy really helped. It’s great that a “Mommy Dentist” has done all the research for me…I was overwhelmed.”   Sheryl, Mom of two New York, NY

Dr. Stacy and The Moms


“I had no idea how my kids’ oral health could affect their overall health. I feel better knowing my kids are using the highest quality products that are safer and more natural.” Heather, mom of two   Boca Raton, FL

“I love the convenience of them showing up at my door.  Finally, a dentist who’s a mom that gets it!”  Liz, mom of three  Philadelphia, PA

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